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soci terms 2 - by sociologists engaging in their own...

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Chapter 2 Gatekeepers (34)- they function to open up different doors of opportunity for different populations Example=high schools act as gatekeepers to colleges Open-ended research question (24)-no particular answers are necessarily assumed Participant Observation (30)-researcher plays an active role, even to the point of becoming an actual participant in the activities of those being observed Passive observation (30)-entails simply watching listening and recording events for later analysis and interpretation Secondary data analysis (37)-when data that has been previously collected for other purposes is analyzed
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Unformatted text preview: by sociologists engaging in their own research Secondary sources (35)-sources such as historical data described in the publications of scholars Tracking (33)-dividing course offerings into academic or one or more vocational curricular programs or tracks Key Concepts Thomas theorem- the view that if a situation is defined as real, the consequences of actions based on that definition are quite real, regardless of whether the definition is accurate; for example if women are defined as inferior to men they will be treated as inferior regardless of the reality; also called definition of the situation...
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