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Hollywood-Jan16&Jan23 - Politics of Hollywood...

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5/7/09 1 Politics of Hollywood- Structure of the Electronic Entertainment Industry Introduction Structures and functions o Production- The art of creating the entertainment… Meaning shooting the television show or movie Ways to shoot o Live o Production o Film o Digital-Via computers o Distribution- The act of moving this entertainment from where it is shot to where it is consumed. If you control the distribution, you will also control production and exhibition o Exhibition How people consume the entertainment Could be tv, computer, in person, etc o Chart Production Movies o Hollywood- Produce about 10% of films o Independent- o Non Hollywood- o Foreign Distribution Theatrical Distribution o Majors-30-35% Cable Satellite VCR DVD Computers Exhibition Theaters o Majors-get 90-95% of money Computers o Block Booking- Offering films together in packages, is now illegal in most states. o Vertical Integration The situation in an industry in which production, distribution, and exhibition are combined under the same enitity
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5/7/09 2 Ex, Fox, who does all three Change Key Terms: Production Distribution Exhibition Vertical Integration Major Studios Independent Producers Lecture 2- Culture and Hollywood What is “Culture?” o The customs and folkways of a community Uncertainty and risk Fundamental fact of life in Hollywood is uncertainty o High Risk Situation in which the probability of success is low, or
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Hollywood-Jan16&Jan23 - Politics of Hollywood...

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