Hollywood-Jan28 - Politics of Hollywood 1 First Motion...

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5/13/09 1 Politics of Hollywood First Motion Picture Theater opened up in 1905. Was called Nickelodeon because it only cost a nick to get in. By 1910 there were 10,000 Nickelodeons in the US. Infancy of movies (1896-1909) o Mary Pickford- Became first superstar of the Film industry. Was first person singled out as a tv star and that people would go to the movies just to see By 1910 she was making $40,000 a week By 1915 she was making $350,000 a year Maturity of the silent era (1909-1927) o Star System- Producers started to advertise movies about particular actors and actresses who were “Superstars” The studio system and mature oligopoly (1920-1948) o Studio System System in which films that matter are produced and distributed and shown in theaters owned by vertically integrated film studios Studios control the industry but industry is not static because of the large number of different film studios The studios do not steal other studios stars as they consider it bad business o “The Jazz Singer” First film with sound One singing scene, then one scene with dialogue between mother and son Made silent films obselete in 1929 as a result o Sound films were expensive cause studios had to be soundproofed, had to wire studios for sound, etc Means more money had to be borrowed from banks o Bankers as a result asked for more influence on film. They become members of the film board as a result Writers Were taken from broadway in order to write dialogue for the films. They come to Cali cause pay was tripled, but create things like writers unions The Paramount Decree o 1946- 2/3 of America goes to see a movie every week
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5/13/09 2 o Paramount Decree 1938 Independent film association files suit under a 1890 law, which outlaws combinations in restraint of trade Supreme court said the vertical integration of the studios was illegal Paramount decree ruled theatres had to get rid of their theater chains. o
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Hollywood-Jan28 - Politics of Hollywood 1 First Motion...

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