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SPCM 3300 Paper

SPCM 3300 Paper - A Holy Union In today's time few would...

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A Holy Union In today’s time, few would argue that Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of the greatest presidents in America. However, the American people were not as enamored with Lincoln while he was in office. Facing a divided nation and criticism of being too passive or too aggressive, Lincoln was in desperate need of a strategy to encourage support for the Union after the long and bloody battle at Gettysburg. Lincoln turned, as many Americans often do, to faith. Lincoln did not just turn to his faith; he turned to the faith of the American people. Understanding the important role of Christianity in America’s history and population, Lincoln set out to showcase the Union cause as holy. His strategies of Union holiness are demonstrated in the Gettysburg Address through the use of biblical language and repetition. Abraham Lincoln first presents the Union as holy by utilizing biblical language throughout the Gettysburg Address. The opening, and most famous, line of the Gettysburg Address begins, “Four score and sevens years ago…” (458). Although
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