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Kennedy Notes

Kennedy Notes - antithesis persist o warning tiger metaphor...

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SPCM 2200 Notes 1/24 JFK Inaugural Contains overall international theme Paragraph 1 o unification is created in parallel structure and antithesis (structure that sets up opposing things and ideas) o introduction of oath and traditional values Paragraph 2 o assertion of difference- balance of good and bad (antithetical) o alliteration o archaic language Paragraph 3 o “Camelot” persona- more archaic language o scala: sentences proceed in gradual degree to a conclusion o metaphor o dramatic visual difference o coldly realistic categorical language Paragraph 4 o Broad traditional values and political principles that infuse the Administration o more strong, realistic language, almost issued as a challenge Paragraph 5 o Key and Pledge- cohesion of the President and the people (we all pledge) o establishes authority Paragraph 6-11 o Forecasting administrations political principles and policies- “pledge” and
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Unformatted text preview: antithesis persist o warning- tiger metaphor • Paragraph 12-18 o Rhetorically constructing new relations with USSR based on pragmatism (Hamiltonian realism) o anaphora and parallel achieved by like beginnings o martial metaphor o uses antithesis “Let us never…” • Paragraph 19 o diminishes expectations but powerful o scala o brevitas “But let us begin” • Paragraph 20-21 o call for public support- “trumpet” metaphor o light/dark metaphor persists throughout speech • Paragraph 22-23 o political transcendence- rhetorical questions o rephrases FDR’s “rendezvous with destiny” o more light/dark metaphor • Paragraph 24-26 o call for sacrifice for the common good o famous “ask not” antithesis o civil religion...
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Kennedy Notes - antithesis persist o warning tiger metaphor...

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