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geol feb 2

geol feb 2 - o Ex cheating on your spouce but violating...

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2/7/07 Geol Culture Material o Normative (norms)-rules and expectations that guide our behavior Folkways-customs Ways were are expected to behave We wont be punished if we don’t follow tem o Ex- US eating with utensils Mores-much more strickly inforced. Societies reaction are more servere if we don’t follow them Intricately tied to our morals Many of our mores are tied to law; o Killing someone not all of them are tied to law
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Unformatted text preview: o Ex- cheating on your spouce- but violating this more doesn’t mean you will be punished by law Laws-formal norms where you get a punishment for a wrong doing • Taboos - goes against the norms Social control (sanctions) Sanctions- we use to make sure people conform to laws • Positive o Getting an A on a test you study for • Negative o ? o Cognitive (knowledge, beliefs and values) o...
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