biol 1002 ch 33

biol 1002 ch 33 - 4-8-08CHAPTER 33: Chemical Control of the...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-8-08CHAPTER 33: Chemical Control of the Animal Body: THE ENDORCRINE SYSTEMThe challenge-> communication between the 50 million million (50 trillion) different cells in the bodyBycell-to-cell contact (short distances)Byhormone use(long distance: brain to heart, brain to kidney, etc.)-Ex: Signal changes in capillary, exchange of oxy and co2 in the lungsSee Fig. of Glands:Also, Table 33-1 How Cells Communicate?HORMONES: chemicals secreted by cells in one part of the body, transported in bloodstream, exerting action to other body parts-Specific target cells have receptors found in one of two locationso1. Surface receptorson cell membrane (phospholipids bilayer)Hormones that interact with surface receptors are water soluble, but no lipid soluble and cannot cross cell membrane (peptide hormones and amino acid hormones). B/c they love water and middle of membrane hates waterHormones bind to protein receptors on cell surface, which causes a cascade of events utilizing a 2ndmessengerwhich transfers information from 1stmessenger (hormone) to target molecules in cell. o2. Intracellular ReceptorsLipid soluble hormones that cross cell membrane easily through pores (steroids and prostaglandins)Combine with protein receptors in nucleus to produce a protein.-Maintain homeostasis. oBoth negative (body temp.) and positive feedback (Childbirth)Ex of an Exam Question:What kind of hormones interacts with an intracellular receptor? SteroidLOOK AT:Surface Receptor...
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biol 1002 ch 33 - 4-8-08CHAPTER 33: Chemical Control of the...

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