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Missed 11-22 Central Asia- South of Russia -The “stans” = “land of” Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Takjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan -Also: Mongolia, Azerbayan, and Western China -East to west elevation increases dramatically Physical 1. –Karakoram (northern Pakistan, western China) -Hindu Kush -Afghanistan -Pamir Mtns. -Pamir Knot southern Kyrgyzstan, northern Tajikstan -Tien Shan- Eastern Kyrgystan, western China -Kunlum Shan- western China, north of Tibetan Plateau -Tsaidam Basin- western China Area is this way because of the Asian and Indian plates colliding 2. West: Kara Kum and Kyzyl Kum Desert (around Caspian & Asian seas) -Within these deserts are green areas which are: river valleys or east of mountains with orographic rainfall East: Taklamakan Desert, Gobi Desert 3. Grassland/ Steppe -Semi-arid -Rich Pastureland Population Density- lowest we’ve studied so far -Mongolia has the lowest population -Afghanistan has the highest pop. (rate of natural increase is low while total fertility rate is high) people move or die -Alluvial fan- where the water & snow run down from the mountain and hit the river where the soils rich Agriculture -Nomadic Pastorialist -Yak Pastorialist -Terracing, Alluvial Fans -Syra darya River (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan) -Steppe: some wheat, cotton production Environmental Issues -Aral Sea- disappearing (drying out) due to human changes since water was diverted for agriculture -Kara Kum Canal- used to divert river water for cotton production with Russian ideas. Largest canal in the world -Today it is about 2/3 dry
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-Miniv- was a city on the edge of the lake that was the biggest fishing port for all of Central Asia Today lake bed is covered with salt deposits that blow into nearby agriculture fields 75% of species in lake have disappeared; used to be brackish H20 and is now saltier than the Dead sea -Karakalpak people live along Southern coast of Aral sea and are really affected. Infant mortality rates have skyrocketed And tons of women suffer from anemia. Also without fishing they have to adjust to make a living More environmental issues -desertification is large and steepe land is very vulnerable to desertification. Also since they are being pushed to grow wheat –that hurts -Oil pollutions – near Caspian Sea Central Asia: Historical Geography Settlement of central Asia occurred early -Neolithic agriculture settlement in the Amu Darya & Syr Darya river valleys (impt Rivers) -Alexander the Great 300 bce invaded most of the people were Persians & practiced zoranastroism -Persian control interrupted 713 CE Arab rule interrupts Persians control with this came Islam 899 to 999 CE: Samarid Dynasty 999 CE arrival of Turkic people from Mongolia/Siberia Persian influence changes to Turkish influence Blend of Persians, Turkic people, Greeks, Arabs becomes a cosmopolitan area
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geogrpahy_final_notes-last semester- similar - Missed 11-22...

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