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geog Southeast Asia

geog Southeast Asia - Southeast Asia Demography Urban and...

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Southeast Asia: Demography, Urban and Economic Geography -March 12, 2007 Demography o Most people live in Java because of soils and the capital is on the islad o Densely populated next to rivers and costs o Places that are not densely settled are brunei because its mountainous and rainforest o Thailand and Singapore have low rates of nat increases -indonesia has high o Wide variety of trends in this region of the world o Thailand is trying to put better education on birthcontrol and putting it on the market o Indonesia Transmigration Moving while staying in the same contries They are moving from java to other places in Indonesia Some are government sponsored and some are unassisted Gov sets them up with jobs or pays for trip to give them incentive to move away from java Urban Geography o Primate cities Bangkok,Thailand, manila, philipppenes, Rangoon, Burma, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia Cities are more politically important because they have more people
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