biol 1002 ch 31

biol 1002 ch 31 - f3-25-2008-MATERIAL FOR EXAM 3.CHAPTER...

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Unformatted text preview: f3-25-2008-MATERIAL FOR EXAM 3.CHAPTER 31the Urinary System-Digestive System is unselective.oNot much selection for what goes in the blood stream.-The excretory system restores and maintains the proper internal amount of materials, water, sugar, protein, fat, etc. in the body despite differences in diet. oDiabetic? High levels of sugar; excreted out through urinary systemoKidneys. Have Two. Only one required to live. Functions of excretory systems:-All performed simultaneously as blood is selectively filtered by kidneys; water and nutrients returned to blood. -Dialysis: filter and clean blood. Replace function of kidneys for those with problems.1.Excretion of cellular waste productsAs body performs everyday tasks (breathing, growing, etc.) wastes are formed in the body. a.Urea and Ammonia (predominate waste), toxins, excessive water and nutrients collected by the kidneys and eliminated from body as urine.b.Urea (toxic) removes ammonia (toxic) from blood. Liver helps convert ammonia to urea then kidneys filter out urea and other wastes. c.GENERAL IDEA: Ammonia converted toUrea in liver then out through urined.FIGURE 31-3. When proteins are broken done, cells are working. Body continuously remakes proteins, with DNA and RNA. When proteins broken done, toxic compounds such as ammonia released. Liver binds Ammonia with Carbon Dioxide converted to Urea to make Urine.2.Regulation of Fluid composition (ions, water, nutrients)a.Controls how much water in body, concentration of nutrients, etc. All lead to homeostasis....
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biol 1002 ch 31 - f3-25-2008-MATERIAL FOR EXAM 3.CHAPTER...

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