geog Chapter 12 South Asia

geog Chapter 12 South Asia - Chapter 12 South Asia British...

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Chapter 12 South Asia British East India Company Private Trade organization that acted as arm of colonial british Britian – backed by the British Army- in monopolizing trade in South Asia until 1857, when it was abolished and replaced by full government control. Bustees Settlements of temporary and often illegal housing in Indian cities, caused by rapid urban migration of poorer rural people and the inability of the cities to provide housing for this rapidly expanding population. Caste System Complex division of South Asian society into different hierarchically ranked hereditary groups. Most explicit in Hindu society, but also found in other cultures of lesser degree. Chipko Movement The “tree hugging” movement of northern India in which women, drawing upon Hindu tradition, attempt to save forests from destruction by embracing the trees as loggers approach. Cyclone A large storm, marked by well-defined air circulation around a low-pressure center. Tropical cyclones are typically called hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and typhoons in the western Pacific. Dalit The currently preferred term used to denote the members of Indias most discriminated caste groups, formally known as “untouchables.” Dravadivian language One of the earliest language families and, unlike Hindi, not IndoEuropean. Once spoken throughout South Asia, Dravadivian languages are now found only in southern India and part of Sri Lanka. Federal state
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geog Chapter 12 South Asia - Chapter 12 South Asia British...

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