geog FINAL EXAM STUFF- last semesters notes

geog FINAL EXAM STUFF- last semesters notes - FINAL EXAM...

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FINAL EXAM STUFF Historical Geography Neolithic agriculture settlement in the amu darya and syr darya river valleys Alexander the great 300 BCE Persian control 713 CE Arab rule interrupts Persian control. 899 CE to 999 CE: samarid dynasty -burkara and samarkand the two modern cities that were present in the area at the time of the Samarid. In 999 CE arrival of Turkic people from Mongolia and Siberia. Blend of Persians, Turkic people, Greeks, and Arabs was present at the time of the arrival of the Turkic. 1100 Ce: arrival of Genghis Khan and the Mongols.) when the mongols came there reign was one of devestation. Some Mongol traders were slaughtered so khan saught revenge and slaughtered many people. Genghis khan vs. Khwarezm empire. 1400’s : Tamurlane ( Genghis Khan’s great, great grandson), cultural rennaisance for instance art, literature and archtecture, Pax Mongolica The silk route passed through Central Asia and this infused the economy with extra livlihood. The last Turko-Mongol leader was Babhar, but his rule was thrown out by the Uzbeks. Under the Uzbeks the Turk-Mongol empire experienced a stagnation, because they instituted a policy of turning inward. The Great Game: 1813- 1907 The brits and the Russians worked against each other strategically to try and take over east asia. Anglo-Afghan wars were wars begun by the Brits in order to gain Afghanistan so as to protect India. The first of the three wars began in 1838 but the soldiers were almost all killed. In 1878 the second war began and the casualty number was quite near to what had happened in the 1837 war. Amu Dharya treaty split the territory of the Afghanistan in two. The Russian Revolution occurs and the treaty is annulled. The third war is also enefectual but the Brits gave the Afghans the ability to choose and they signed a friendly accord with the Soviet Union Communism in Central Asia) Lenin/Stalin Forced collectivism. They also forced many of the nomadic people to settle down and become sedentary people. Collective farms were state run and were forced to
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grow crops for the states. Stalin’s forced collectivization resulted in the death of
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geog FINAL EXAM STUFF- last semesters notes - FINAL EXAM...

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