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Dave Carrier Edu 150 Quiz #2 There are many advantages and disadvantages to having local property taxes as the primary source of revenue for schools. One such advantage is the fact that, since the money is generated locally, the community retains a higher degree of control over how it is spent. This is in opposition to state and federal funding sources that may come with strings attached. One disadvantage is that schools are dependent on the relative prosperity of the areas in which they are located. For schools in relatively poor areas, they may not be able to generate enough revenue through taxes to adequately fund a successful school. Locker Search Policy All school lockers are owned and controlled by the school district at all times. Student use of lockers does not constitute or imply ownership.
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Unformatted text preview: In accordance with Federal Law, a school may only search a student's locker if there is cause to reasonably suspect that the locker contains evidence that the student has violated a criminal law or a school rule. As such, random searches of lockers are not permissible, even if the school posts a notice that lockers are subject to such searches. If searched, school officials will confiscate all items that are: i. Against school policies. ii. Illegal. iii. A potential threat to others. Law enforcement may be contacted before, during, or after a locker search, as is deemed necessary and appropriate by school officials. A dog sniff does not constitute a "search" of a locker, but if a dog alerts to a locker, it will provide the reasonable suspicion required to search that locker....
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