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Dave Carrier Edu 150 Quiz #3 I agree with the statement that Dr. Harold Jones, a professor at UMPI, has made on several occasions. He says that “teaching is an art that is informed by science.” I believe that this is true because there are very many different types of learning conditions and contexts, coupled with an abundance of scientifically-based teaching strategies. The art of teaching is to be able to analyze specific learning situations and match them with scientifically sound teaching strategies that are proven to have a relatively high rate of efficacy in similar situations. Since there will rarely be situations that exactly
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Unformatted text preview: match the conditions of a scientific study of instructional methods, the teacher must make their best attempt to select the correct strategy or combination of strategies, and adjust accordingly based on their perceived successes and/or failures. This practice will necessarily evolve as the teacher becomes more experienced, because they will become more proficient at selecting strategies, and they will also learn more strategies from which they can select....
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