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Memo to Future Multimedia Collaborators

Memo to Future Multimedia Collaborators - To Future DVD...

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To: Future DVD Creators From: Hannah Myers Date: April 20, 2008 When putting together such a big and time consuming project, that is worth a huge portion of your grade there are many important things to keep in mind. Some of these things might include time management, double-checking, following the guidelines, etc. Voiceover When recording your voiceover, take your time. Speak slowly and take time to breath after each sentence, it will create a smooth pause and will keep you from running out of breath and sounding rushed. Also, when pronouncing your consonants like “C’s” and “T’s” make sure you are not sitting too close to the microphone, otherwise it will come create a muffled sound. If doing your project with a partner, leave a short space between the two of your voiceovers. This will make it so that your two sections still flow together smoothly, while leaving a long enough pause so that it doesn’t seem rushed. Original Material/Shooting
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