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homunculus paper

homunculus paper - more sensory/motor connections to the...

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Homunculus/Little Man “Freud describes the cortical homunculus as an anatomical analogy of the  ego: the homunculus ‘stands on its head in the cortex, sticks up its heels, faces  backwards, and. ..has its speech area on the left-hand side.’"  He was exactly  right, the homunculus /little man is the distribution of the tissue in the left  hemisphere of the brain to the motor and sensory cortexes.  “The amount of  cortex devoted to a body part is not proportional to the part’s size.  Instead, the  brain devotes more tissue to sensitive areas and to areas requiring precise  control.”  Because of the disproportionate nature of sensitivity throughout the  body, the physical image “is grotesquely disfigured with disproportionately huge  hands, lips, and face in comparison to the rest of the body because they have 
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Unformatted text preview: more sensory/motor connections to the brain.” In class we did a simple experiment where the experimenter put a certain number of fingers on his subject’s back and then on their hand, using two different techniques. At fist the experimenter tapped his fingers at a constant rate on his subject’s back and hand, and the second time he held his fingers still. The participant in the experiment was able to recognize the correct number of fingers, and at a fast rate when they were on her hand, rather than on her back. This was most likely because we have more nerves and feelings in our hands than on our back. We use our hands for everything and we don’t often feel with our back. We also use our opposable thumbs for everything we do plus more, so they are extremely sensitive....
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homunculus paper - more sensory/motor connections to the...

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