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Abacus Beads, Java(pair with Abacus Driver)

Abacus Beads, Java(pair with Abacus Driver) - return...

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import java.awt.event.MouseEvent; public class Beads extends ClickOval{ public boolean selected; private int value; public Driver driver; private int total; public Beads (boolean s, int n, int x, int y, Driver d){ super(x,y); selected = s; value = n; driver = d; } public int getValue(){ return value; } public boolean getStatus(){
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Unformatted text preview: return selected; } public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) { if(selected == false){ selected = true; setLocation(getX(),getY()-81); driver.recalculateLabel(value); }else{ selected = false; setLocation(getX(),getY()+81); driver.recalculateLabel(-value); } } }...
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