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Exam 1 F Nebuchadnezzar was the world’s first emperor. F The Assyrians used fear and terror to force conquered people to convert to Zoroastrianism T The size of the Egyptian empire was at its largest during the New Kingdom period T The Egyptians developed the first 365-day calendar T The phrase “counting heads” originated with the Assyrians F The Nile River Delta is also known as the “Fertile Crescent” T The first humans to which man belongs appeared during the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Period F The most powerful person in Egyptian society was the Vizar, or highest priest All the following were polytheistic civilizations except a. the Sumerian b. the Amorites c. the Persians d. the Akkadian The Phoenicians a. developed an alphabet that was the basis of the Greek alphabet b. were maritime traders c. founded Carthage in North Africa d. all of the above All of the following are true about the Hebrews except a. their holy scripture is the Torah b. they were enslaved by the Egyptians c. they believed that they were God’s chosen people d. the were conquered by the Amorities
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All of the following are true about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon except a. it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World b. it was built during the height of the Persian Empire c. it was built to cheer up Nebuchadnezzar’s homesick wife d. it used irrigation systems that moved water uphill. The pyramids were constructed during a. the Early dynastic period of Egyptian history b. the Old Kingdom period of Egyptian history c. the New Kingdom period of Egyptian history The Persians a. created an empire that stretched form India to Egypt b. engaged in a series of epic wars during their years of power c. ruled by concentrating all power in the hands of the emperor d. were a nomadic tribe of warrior cats The Ten Commandments id a. an ethical code b. the basis of Hebrew law c. is part of the covenant between the Hebrews an God d. all of the above Exam 2 F The Chinese writing system was developed during the Zhou Dynasty F Daoism believes that participation in politics is desirable(nature freaks) F The Aryans were the first civilization on the Indian subcontinent(Harrappa 1 st True) F The invasion of the Mongols led the Quinn Dynasty to build the Great Wall F The Mandate of Heaven was used to justify the rule of the Song (Zhou T) Dynasty F F The Shinto religion was first practiced in Korea(Japan: T) F Buddhism spread only mainland Asia T The “Silk Road” was begun in part as a defensive measure against the Huns
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