Know the Five Pillars Of Islam

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Know the Five Pillars Of Islam 1. Allah and Muhammad is HIS Prophet 2. Prayars 3. Charity 4. Fasting 5. Pilgrimage A muslims who believes in Islam. Muhammad is the prophet last in the line of Prophets- Jesus Moses Abraham Muslims do not seek to persecute Jews and Christians, they only seek to convert pagans, they viewed jewish and pagans as same type of people
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Unformatted text preview: Shia Sunni Split Sunni view Abu Bakr as the true successor to Prophet Shai view Ali as the true successor to Prophet. These two divisions do not question Islam. Sunni believes interpreted by religious scholars not by Imam who is like a priest Shia believes Imam has the authority to interpret the Quran and speak as the absolute authority. Imam carries the political and militaric weight....
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