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Major Beliefs of Chinese Philosophies Confucianism Developed by Confucius - Wrote The Analects (secular/ethical nature) Beliefs - emphasis on orderly and stable human relationships - Confucius' thinking focused on ethics/moral behavior - emphasized the importance of study - well-ordered, hierarchical view of society (family at the center) 0- 0A Confucian gentleman: man of integrity/education/culture (not necessarily of noble birth) - the Confucian gentleman used these qualities to serve his ruler - right action as the way to create a cohesive/just society - belief in mutual moral obligations (father/son, husband/wife, ruler/subject) - aspire to ren (perfect goodness/benevolence/humanity) - followers should possess a deep concern for others
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Unformatted text preview: (focused on human action) Daoism- Daoists focused on the natural order as a whole. 00- almost all purposeful actions are counterproductive- focus on nature not human society - skepticism of government intrusion into private life- suspicion of desire and ambition- lack of interest in political power Legalism- argued that strong government depended on clear/effective laws Rejected Confucians focus on moral qualities 0- sought to constrain officials and regulate the common people. 0- discouraged public debate and private opinion. - focus on pragmatism/rejected tradition- laws not intended to limit rulers’ action (unlike natural or divine law of Greeks)...
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