History 1111 - HIST 1111 Febuary 21st Philosophy It is...

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HIST 1111 Febuary 21 st Philosophy It is defined as abstract/rationalistic/speculative form of thinking. It begins in the 6 th Century BC. The first form of philo is rationalism 1. They try to find natural answers for things…they try to get away from the Gods… they will debate issue…one of the most famous scholars are Socrates. . 2. Sophists appears are second group of [philo…and they appear around 5 th century bc…they going to focus on how are you goin to construct argument…how you would represt information…they don’t care abt the truth they care how do you get to that argument….the argument does not need to be true…argument rederick not seeking the truth…they would be philophers for hire…just like lawyers. They just focus on how you persuade u r audience. Socrates is in many ways a third form of philosophy….do not lump him in sophists 3. Socrates is a philosopher introduces the soscratic method…It is ASKING QUEStions…everytime a statement is given he would ask questions…he taught through this questions…Adding questions to every statements….with the ultimate goal being to teach the students moreal and ethics…to him the truth was ethical and moral….socrates educated…he didn’t come out n say it is the truth write it down he made you figure out the truth 4. Plato is a student of Socrates he is also the teacher of Aristotle. He is an interesting guy when Socrates did his Socratic method Socrates basically held sessions with students he didn’t got write anything…while PLATO did…called dialogues covering legal system govt and ethics…plato like Socrates believe in education…plato is like ignorance is not bliss. He is like education it is there to induce morals and ethics into humans. Plato stretches the role of educations which
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History 1111 - HIST 1111 Febuary 21st Philosophy It is...

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