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Spread Of Islam A. Abu Bakr First caliph (elect successor to Prophet) Unified Arabian Peninsula under Islam B. Umar (634-644) Conquered Palestine, Syria, Egypt, N.Africa ; Persia Succeeded by Uthman(killed 644), Ali (killed 661) Caliphate passess to Muawiya (ummayyads) C. The Shia Sunni Split Cause: division between supporters of Ali/Ummayads Sunni from Sunna- Muhammads saying and conduct Western part of Islamic empire became Sunni Shi’a (“party of Ali”) Persia became Shi’a D. Umayyad Empire (661-750) Expands through Africa to Spain (711) and into southern France (719)
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Unformatted text preview: Centralized empire Extensive trade through Africa, Asia, Byzantium Promoted scholarship and culture E. Abbasid caliphate (749-1258) Based in Mesopotamia (founded Baghdad) Decline due to financial problem Why the spread of Islam A. Military Reasons Byzantium/Persia weaken empires Tactical advantages of garrison cities Islam forbade Muslims from raiding other Muslims B. Religious/Social Reasons Simplicity of doctrine/similar Judeo-Christian values No forced conversions of Christians and Jews Overthrew old privileged class/less intrusive...
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