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Explanantion 2 notes 011806 - HIST 1111 Lecture 2 QUIZ ON...

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HIST 1111 01/18/06 Lecture 2 QUIZ ON MONDAY PREPARE 1-2 Mesopotamia Neolithic were not true civilizations since they do not have all the key characteristics we discussed in last lecture. Mesopotami cause of Tigris and Eupheris is known as the Fertile Cresenct. Mesopotamia stretches from Iraq to Jordan to turkey This area was good for ccivilization because u had water, u have a fertile land surrounding rivers which means u can establish farms, away from this river thjere is desert which provides a key strategical position in case of war to north are mountains and south are deserts. These period is known as bronze age cause this is the time when ppl discovered bronze(tin , cu) it is more malleable and can be used for weapons. These guys figured it out how to make bronze which is a complex process Somerians are first civilization cause They invented the Wheel, They also used ploughs Organized government and had a system of controlling the people. .they had a priestly monarchy…the heads were religious leader….the sense of getting the power from divine authority…. .this govt had a plausible bureaucracy …they had assigned different ppl different assignments…PEOPLE HAD TASKS WITHIN THE GOVT…WHICH IS A SING OF BUARACRY… They had written language cuneiform. It is one of the first written languages. It is a language of pictures. Symbols were used to represent words. They had clay tablets and they would inscribed pictures in them… Cuneiform was good because it was easy to understand since it contained pictures… But it was tough to express concepts…so somerians developed ideograms to develop sysmbols which expressed ideas. Look in the book… They developed cities…while Neolithic had small settlements…1000 acres uruk biggest cities with walls… Permenant settlements They were the first people to established law i.e orders of things which you cannot do.
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Akkadians they were create the first world empire and they take over SOmerians. . When they attacked they succeeded and adapted there cultures tht is somerian culture.
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Explanantion 2 notes 011806 - HIST 1111 Lecture 2 QUIZ ON...

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