Lecture 031306 - The Rise and Fall Of Rome Rome was founded...

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The Rise and Fall Of Rome Rome was founded in 753 BCE. The date was based on roman myth. Romelius and Remus were the founders. It is first ruled by Utruscans. They came form Turkey but in 509 BC they get kicked out and roman republic is formed. (IMPRTNT) The Roman Republic , the people are not subject to arbitrary rule. They have power…they are not subjects to the whim of the rulers. Rome forms a republican form of govt. Republic is representation through representatives. There are 3 branches to the govt. executive branch, deliberative Branch(advises leader), legislative branch 1. a. Magistrate was the leader. He was chosen by the people, he served for 1 year. He was typically a military leader chosen for his military skills. He was usually out of town with his armies. Praetors were the positions created when the magistrate was out of town. P will be serving as a ruler when magistrate is out of town. b. Censors is the second element of 1 branch. It was a wise man council. They were the elders of the room who advise the magistrate and they held tremendous moral authority. The magistrate was not bounded by them though. 2. Roman senate was a huge advance in govt. Nott even Greece had it. Roman senate consisted of over 300 people. . They were elected by the citizens of Rome. And the senators serve for life. These guys passed the legislations. Because Senate was controlled by Patrichans these bodies were reflecting the voices of the upper societies. Peblichian was the lower class who just blindly follow petrichians. The laws created had to be followed by everyone created by senate urf Patrichians. 3.Legislative branch is divided into Curiat assembly Centuriate assembly Council Plebis assembly Of those 3, the middle one held the power, Centuriates. They were the most important. It is a mix of both lower and upper classes. But the lower class do not
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Lecture 031306 - The Rise and Fall Of Rome Rome was founded...

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