HIST 032206 - HIST 03/22/06 Presentation The Gladiator...

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HIST 03/22/06 Presentation The Gladiator Games originated from Estruscan customs 264 BC in Rome Marcus and Brutus were the first ones to hold the fight in rememberance of ther death From Funerals to Entertainment Wealthy ppl sponsored gladiator games Most gladiators were slaves, criminal but it was not required. It was an honor for a slave to become a gladiator They usually fought 2 3 a year Gladiators were given a lot of training Kill and die well 2 types, amteur and profession Fights: man vs man man vs animan and even woman vs dwarf Emperor decided the fight type Crowd is the final deciding factor if it will take the life of the gladiator or not Many of the fighting styles existed You can become free after being a gladiators after being there for 3 years QUESTIONS: How many times did they fight? 2-3 times a year. It does not sound like much but a lot of training is involved in this process. Who were often the ultimate decision makers in these fights? People. Emperor will not go against the say of people. Gladiatorial contest was simply for the elite. F
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Reasons: Why did Rome Fail? Five Reason why Rome Fell. A. Bad Emperors - in the final 200 year of the roman empire existence from 100 to 400 ad roman will be blessed with many bad emperors. This is a cause because constant turnover of emperors leads to political instability. VIMP PT. B. Decline in the Quality of Military Soldiers less skilled/adept Romans became more civilize /broad grants of citizenship meant fewer incentives to be in militray -It is not as sharp as it was during its hype. The soldiers are not highly skilled as they were. The roman empire was very big to defend this large empire simply by the size of the army u hv problems the quality will not be same. Being different
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HIST 032206 - HIST 03/22/06 Presentation The Gladiator...

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