Induction Lab - is reversed, a negative .15 units of...

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Pooja Parekh Induction Lab PHY 134 Section 2 Main Analysis Induction 1. Changing the magnetic field on the coil affects the direction of current passing  through it. Only when there is changing field does it cause a current. When point  the North Pole into the magnet when a positive change in the current occurs.  When the bar magnet is taken out, a negative change in the current occurs. For the  South Pole, a negative change in the current occurs when the bar magnet is put  inside the coil. A positive change in the current occurs when the bar magnet is  taken outside the coil. 2.     The side opposite to the side that goes into the larger coil is the north. When the current is turned on and off in the case of a smaller coil inside the larger coil, a  positive change in the current occurs with a magnitude of .15 units of current. When the direction 
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Unformatted text preview: is reversed, a negative .15 units of current change occurs. When the iron rod is put inside the larger coil, a -.20 units of current change occurs when the current is turned on and a +.20 units of current change occurs when it is turned off. 3. Data sheet. 4 Data .877m .001 m x=0 V (0)= .605 V .005 V a= .196 m .001 m Voltage (V) X f (m) X (m) ln(V (x)/V (0)) ln(1+x^2/a^2) 0.555 .005 0.822 .001 0.055-0.086260344 0.07 5796 689 0.505 .005 0.801 .001 0.076-0.180670029 0.14 0069 738 0.455 .005 0.785 .001 0.092-0.284931039 0.19 9117 106 0.400 .005 0.767 .001 0.11-0.413763911 0.27 3816 078 0.300 .005 0.726 .001 0.151-0.701445983 0.46 5950 889 0.200 .005 0.678 .001 0.199-1.106911091 0.70 8452 712 Magnetic Field of a Loop 5. The theoretical slope should be -1.5 6....
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Induction Lab - is reversed, a negative .15 units of...

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