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ILRHR4631 Week 6 Lecture

Helpful feedback everyone wants to do a good job and

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Unformatted text preview: should be as specific as possible with examples or critical incidents. incidents. Considerations in Effective Appraisal Considerations Expectations must be clear at the start of the performance period Expectations Feedback should be periodic Feedback It the employee is surprised by the rating the rater has failed his/her job as a manager manager There should be a connection but the rating is not merely a way to justify the pay decision the The rating shouldn’t be developed to support the merit increase The Non-work related characteristics or traits should not be allowed to influence the rating influence The rater should not fear giving feedback; people want specific helpful feedback – everyone wants to do a good job and improve. helpful Keep a file on each employee with critical incidents that are discussed Keep when they happen. when Many managers do not realize that their job is to manage and Many managing is all about setting expectations, giving feedback, coaching and consequences to accomplish goals and improve. coaching Giving Feedback Giving If one of your subordinates has done something you feel could have been done better how would you go about giving feedback to the employee? giving In what setting would you give the feedback? In How would you open the discussion? How How would you involve the employee in the feedback session? session? What types of words would you avoid in the discussion? What How would you judge if the session was a success? How Focus on the what, how and why of the outcome/behavior you are addressing. are The net result should be to help the employee improve. Manager as coach, not judge/critic What Would You Do? What You are scheduled to meet next week with one of You your direct reports to conduct a performance appraisal review. appraisal What steps should be taken to increase the probability What that the session will be effective and achieve the desired results? desired Exhibit 11.11: Tips on Appraising Employee Performance Exhibit Exhibit 11.11: Tips on Appraising Employee Performance (con’t) Performance Legal Risks in Performance Evalu...
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