FEB 8 notes - HIST 1111 FEB 8 Zhou Dynasty got the right to...

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HIST 1111 FEB 8 Zhou Dynasty got the right to rule from Mandate of Heaven and said SHang was corrupt Mandate Of heaven: Zhou hold on to mandate as they can take care of there peole and build empire Zhou is the longest dynasty 800 years. . However last 200 years are know as .warring states it begin to fracture regional states starting to fight with each other and they are suceded by shing dynasty Art of war is the book that is been used in business courses…the books talks abou leadership style …how leaders should be peole who use art of the deception …tht is u illusion…Sun wu said the worst kind of soldier is epic hero who runs into war. . A good leader will use his enemys weaknesses to his advantage…the art of the war is neat little discussion. Chinese philosophies Confucianism- think of them as ways to lead your life they are ethical moral philosophies. .esecially this and daosim. .it is ethical ways how you liuve your life… Confucionism came from the Chinese philosopher confuscious…. It believes society is based on relationships…if it’s a good society then it would have stable relationship. The center of the society is not the state not the community but your family. Within these relationships…confuscious says there are moral obligations b/w individuals…such as b/w a husband and wife…father and the son…friend n a friend… and the obligation between a ruler and his subject… This is a society having a community depending on each other.that is the idea of the true INDIVIDULIST. In confuscionism individualism should not be the focues infact it has community responsibilities…it believes highly in education personal integrity and greed has no place….one of the most respected position you could have is being a teacher…it believes government has a place…the ideal member of the society would work to make society moreally better…its ok to be a buearacrat. COnfusicnism has a certain spiritual elemt to it. Taking care of theres…the term is REN…which describes this ultimate aspiration…SO based on this characteristics we can determine tht conf is a believe system which tells us not to just focus on our selfves but others too. High standard how u live u r life. Importance SIG
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FEB 8 notes - HIST 1111 FEB 8 Zhou Dynasty got the right to...

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