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Unformatted text preview: AEM1200, Introduction to Business Management. AEM1200, Friday 1/30 Organizational Structure Types of organizational structure Principles of hierarchy and bureaucracy Alternatives to hierarchy and bureaucracy Functional Areas of Business Functional Operations Finance Transformation of Transformation resources into goods and services; services; The process of The determining customers’ wants and needs and then providing those customers with products or services that match or exceed their expectations; exceed Marketing The process of acquisition The of funds for a firm and management of this funds within the firm; within Human resources Research and development Public relations Legal Etc… Others Divisional Structure Divisional Fundaments of Bureaucracy: Fayol and Weber Fundaments Unity of command Hierarchy of authority Division of labor Subordination of individual Subordination interests to the general interest interests Authority Degree of centralization Close communication Close channels channels Order Equity Esprit de corps Job descriptions Job Written rules, decision Written guidelines, and policies guidelines, Consistent procedures, Consistent regulations, and policies regulations, Staffing and promotion based Staffing on qualification on Fundamentals of Bureaucracy of Chain of Command Rules & Regulations Set Up by Function B oss V ic e P r e s id e n t S u p e r v is o r Communication = Minimal E m p lo y e e Departmentalization Departmentalization Skill...
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