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AEM1200 1-30

Decentralization increased uniformity less

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Unformatted text preview: Development Economies of Economies Scale Scale Good Coordination Lack of Communication Employees Identify with Employees Department Department Slow Response to Slow External Demands External Narrow Spets Centralization vs. Decentralization Centralization Increased Uniformity Less Duplication Maximum Control Lots of Policies & Lots Procedures Procedures Many Layers/Slower Informed Decisions Worker Responsibility Few Layers/Faster Loss of Control Possible Duplication Span of Control Span Optimum number of subordinates a manager Optimum supervises or should supervise; supervises Usually between 7 and 15; Can be increased when Jobs are routine and/or low skilled Information technology Greater managerial experience Jobs are unique and/or highly skilled Jobs require extended periods of face-to-face Jobs communication communication Little managerial experience Must be reduced when Coordinating and separating roles Coordinating Gatekeeper Someone who controls access to something Organizational members who link their organization Organizational with the external environment. Boundary spannin...
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