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Comm2630 Midterm Evaluation

Comm2630 Midterm Evaluation - you 6 Is your writing...

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Mid term evaluation Send an email to your instructor with the following information: 1. Was your group collaboration effective? If not, identify the problems SPECIFICALLY. 2. Was your group collaboration equitable? If not, which members did the majority of the work? 3. What part of class time do you feel is the least effective? 4. Do you know how to find information in the handbook? 5. What part of class time do you find to be most helpful to
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Unformatted text preview: you? 6. Is your writing improving? If not, can you help us identify what you need? 7. Please make any additional comments that you would like. Feel free. I've heard everything at this point in my life, and while I know that I can't make everybody happy, I'm more than willing to do anything I can to help you improve your writing. Anything you say will NOT be held against you!...
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