TEST 5 lecture1 - Saladin Creates the Ayyubad Dynasy which...

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Saladin Creates the Ayyubad Dynasy which composes of syria Egypt and Northern Iraq He won the battle of Hattin which secured Muslim control over Jerusalam. This was the major reason for the third crusade. Lecture Development of the Western Church. The Growth of the Christian Church Roman catholic church the western half develops into a powerful organization. The CC. is beginning to take the shape of getting Organized (just like romans) It divides catholic church into different regions they are called Diocese. The D is overseen by a bishop. They number somewhere around 25 for the western part of the church C would be like a city. Within the city the bishop resided in a cathedral It is organizing itself to be more efficient institution. Efficient in gaining converts to Catholicism. Within the administration, the officers of the church are Deacons. He is a lay person, a Christian who is not being trained in preaching he is responsible for administration the church That job belongs to the priests He belongs to a individual group of Christians. Overseeing the priest are those bishops IMP OF BISHOPS 1. Over time the bishops will become political leaders. They will not run for office but they would influence the politics of the area. 2. the catholic church goes from the religious institution to a political institution. The leader of the catholic church today is the Pope. A pope official title is Bishop of the Rome. The pope isn’t the title that was part of this heirachy. When this church was first formed the pope was just a bishop like other beginning in around 400 ad one of those pope/bishops of rome makes a claim because he is the bishop of rome he should be superior to other bishops. This is called the Petrine Primacy. He has more authority then other bishop….Why would be bishop of rome claims supremacy? It is because the catholic church was founded by st peters in rome. Therefore rome is the seed of the catholic church logically the bishop of the room should be overseeing the entire catholic church
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TEST 5 lecture1 - Saladin Creates the Ayyubad Dynasy which...

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