032006 - HIST 1111 Augustus was the height of the Roman...

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03/20/06 HIST 1111 Augustus was the height of the Roman Empire where everything was going right. Money was flowing into the empire. But there was a huge disparity b/w rich and poor that’s why you have the bread and circuses. The masses were not doing well. There were problems with poverty food so the govt decided the best way to keep people happy was to give out food and have a large array of entertainment. These were designed to keep the people happy. Once octavius dies, rome moves towards its decline. It disappears around 476 AD but the the declines begins in 69. A series of emperors Flavians were so so emperors they were trying to make for good good govt. after octavius you have good shoes to fit. Flavians were a series of emperors, they tried to maintan the process of good govt that octavius establish but the prob was it was too expensive for rome to survive so they raise taxes which does not sit very well. The new latrine tax…people of rome does not like paying taxes it weakens the govt so they object. . Increased persucation opf Christians were taking places. Second trend is increased persecution of Christians. Christians represent a threat to stability of Rome. The Good Emperors Its already done Commodius is completely unfit to lead….it is an eg why you do not let your son become an emperor. .he is a decadent emperor. He raises taxes to hurt empires We then see a complete chaos period b/w 235 and 284 we get 26 emperors who come n go. 24 of them were assassinated…this period is IMPT because Rome is once again political chaos no one is stepping up tp become the new Julius caeser. No one is incharge that clearly is not good for running an empire which is humangoes. The empires economy goto a hell ina busket. In the last 200 years or so rome economy is weak empire goes into shamble because It is importing more goods then its exporting. We have a trade imbalance. They have increased dependency
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032006 - HIST 1111 Augustus was the height of the Roman...

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