Berlin City of the Century

Berlin City of the Century - Berlin The City of the New...

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Berlin: The City of the New Century Waldemar, Carla. German Life. La Vale:Apr/May 2006. Vol. 12, Iss. 6, p. 24 Abstract (Summary) West Berlin hung in during adverse times. Today it is as stately as ever, but the action has shifted to the east. The lindens have been replanted on Unter den Linden, the stylish boulevard that cuts a swath through the sizzle. A ravishing new skyline borders it -- signatures of the world's Who's Who of architects. I.M. Pei has constructed a dramatic exhibition hall of curvy glass and steel for the aristocratic German Historical Museum, his first project in Germany. And just across the boulevard stands the new Berlin branch of the Guggenheim, bringing the mountain to all visiting Mohammedans. The formidable Reichstag now sports a jaunty dome of glass and chrome, by Britain's noted Sir Norman Foster, which visitors can circumnavigate to gain a stunning three hundred sixty-degree view of the city. (It also hosts a restaurant by a chef they are all hailing as the Wolfgang Puck of Germany.) The glass floor provides a view of the Bundestag (Parliament) at work below, giving a new meaning to transparent government. You see? It is no longer a city of pigs' knuckles and bread dumplings. At HEat [ed: sic] in the Radisson, the city's first open-to-view kitchen offers worldwide fare from a well- traveled chef: a tandoor oven, a French rotisserie, and an Italian wood-burning fire on which to toast his trendy pizzas. The Regent Hotel's Michelin-starred chef prepares the likes of rack of Brandenburg deer with cinnamon-juniper sauce. Clearly the days when President Kennedy declared, "Ich bin ein Berliner" are outdated; today, rather than unwittingly proclaim himself a jelly doughnut, he might prefer the trendier image of [Vau]'s chocolate savarin, served with mango and mint sorbets. Full Text (1194 words) Copyright German Life Apr/May 2006 Déjà vu all over again, as they say. Berlin set the style for the world around it in the 1930s. Well, it is time to come back to the cabaret, old chum. After decades of repairing war damage and the blight the wall cost, Berlin is once again the übercity of all Europe. It is setting fashion trends that force the French off the catwalk, opening museums the Italians can only wish for, and launching trendy restaurants that leave the rest of the
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Berlin City of the Century - Berlin The City of the New...

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