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3055q2f - Score Name ECE 3055 Quiz 3 Wednesday February 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Score: Name: ECE 3055 Quiz 3, Wednesday, February 2 The MIPS machine code instmction, 0x00C53020 is executed on the MIPS single clock cycle datapath from the text. Assume the registers are all loaded with the register number prior to execution, all data memory words are loaded with the memory address of the first byte of the word, and the current PC is 0x0400000. Fill in the values of the following control signals and buses. The MIPS Assembly Language Instruction (i.e. symbolic — not hex machine code!) is (2 points) 1 register and rtddressficr'ds‘ u'hcurpres'r’nt) Show all MIPS Datapath bus values below (in Hexadecimal) Register file - Read Data Bus 1 I Ox ( Mug 5 It Z ;( l Ca (1' point) . I" Register file — Read Data Bus 2 : 0x 0 O C! Q O O O 3 (11min!) Register File Write Register Bus : (]x( 2 l; (I point) Register File Write Data Bus 2 0x 0 O 0’ O) O C} G l l (1 point) MIPS Control Signals (in Binary) MemW rite : O (I point) RegDst = l (I point) ALU 013(rwo—bfts) = l O (1 point) ALU control (three bits) = O l t 2 (11min!) ...
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