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3055q3 - N K 5 V ECE 3055 Quiz III Wednesday June 12 The...

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Unformatted text preview: N... K 5 V ECE 3055 Quiz III, Wednesday, June 12 The following sequence of MIPS instructions is clocked into the pipeline shown on page 472-476 of your textbook. Examine this figure carefully to see exactly where each signal is located (i.e. before or after pipeline registers). After Clock cycle 5, Indicate the resulting register values in hexadecimal in the spaces provided below. Assume all data memory locations contain the word address of the location. Assume that each register contains a value equal to the register number prior to execution of this code. add $4,$3,$4 7 / 0 sw 52,1 . add $2,356,555 .7 andi $6,$7,8 sub $3,$5,$1 Instruction= 3 O E Q3 0 008 ReadData1= 000 M 00 O T] WWW ALUResult= C900 0C) 0 O B (Data Memory) Write Data = O C) 0 C3; G D C) L Write Register (Address) = O 3: Write Data (input at register file after mux) = O D O O O Q } ALU control input = O i O MemWrite = i 1 O ALU Op = ...
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