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HIST 1111 02/20/06 LECTURE 2- ON TEST 3 TYRANNY AND Dictatorship are the same thing except tyrant could be good rulers and not necessarily thought of as bad people. Tyrants had to exercise benevolence so no one takes power from them. The Archaic Age is the growth of Greece empire with overseas expansion. Since it has excellent harbors it’s a trading state. The extent of these colonies are very broad. It is so important because 1. Greek culture spreads throughout the Mediterranen it is the basis of the Roman culture 2. Spread of the Greek alphabet. Sparta is one of the greatest two cities state along with Athens. Sparta is the forfront of greek colonization because of there military might. This colonization occurs because of military force they create a major innovation greek phalanx, They refined on the idea on Assyrians. Phalanx is a closed unity of 100 men they carry shields and spears. They could go into battle as a tight military unit and they could pick a certain part of the enemy to attack. Its not simply trade but its also military might. Sparta is the forfront of greek colonization and expansion. It is very rocky and it does have access to the sea but you cannot farm there. They engaged in expansion to feed there own people. They are a city/state of warriors. There whole society is based on a military ethic. Char. Of Sparta 1. Located in south central Greece 2. it is the smallest city state of Greece 3. in terms of the govt they do have a constitution of govt but it is not a democracy democracy is invented in Athens. Char of Spartan govt. 1. All men are equal 2. memebership in Sparta is based on citizenship. Only native Spartans were considered citizen and only they had political right. 3. All cititzens had voting right. 4. children could vote through proxy. There parents could vote on there behalf. When you voted the main govt was called senate which consisted of 30 ppl elected for life. Plus it had a group of overseas, these people also serve for life 5 only. They were incharge of the govt while working with the senate 5. it has elements of democracy but it is no shape a democracy.
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Spartan Society. It is based on military ethic. All men were expected to serve in the military. IF children were born and they were not suitable to military they were killed. These people are focused closely on military wealth. Spartans see millionaires as bad person. They discouraged wealth. There whole focus was military. Women had greater independence than any society…because mens are spending there
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