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3055q12b - Score Name ECE 3055 Quiz 1 If you have a thread...

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Unformatted text preview: Score:_______ - Name:______________________________ ECE 3055 Quiz - April 14, 2004 1. If you have a thread named, Big _ Thread, already created in Java, what Java statement would normally be used in the parent process to tell the OS to begin the execution of this thread? Big_Thread.start(); 2. List and briefly describe the two main approaches that can be used to support interprocess communication with message passing using API kernel calls. Direct Communication – processes must name the other process that receives the message. Indirect Communication – processes share a named mailbox to exchange messages. 3. Explain the significance of each of the operations in the statement below from the bounded-buffer or producer-consumer process example. Where would the statement normally be used? in = (in + 1) % BUFFER_SIZE; (Java statement example from book) in marks the location to insert a new item in the shared buffer array. +1 moves to the next location. The mod operation (%) forces the buffer to wrap around back to start when the pointer moves past the end of...
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