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3055q13s - Score Name ECE 3055 Quiz November 5 2003 1—3...

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Unformatted text preview: Score: Name: ECE 3055 Quiz - November 5, 2003 1—3. Determine the number of page faults that will occur in the following page reference string assuming 4 page frames are available. All frames are initially empty. Pag 3 1 l l C: C; G 3 l3 3 Z 'L l 1 Z is” "’1 @55 iSRlfib‘ii'i'l 1 4 11 11y553,5 SPF PaeFaultY/N iLi I NS" 8 i 2 S C 91‘? fiytmmyfiu finality/1y Lyf‘t VUJWN‘ 1. With the FIFO algorithm, [C page faults will occur. Page Frames if} 9 ‘J‘lr‘ Ilglgstf§3b 3* lily—Lil 359.1 111% aatc; (=9- 333%??11 Fag e Fault Y/N.5 {ginjwyw MWWWW ylylylmy y m y )5 2. With the LRU algorithm,v“l:_‘ page faults will occur. EageFramles . l g i F l 1 l l Why qwfl‘iat 1fi1121111i Eicgsls%555§'_1fi?3‘de PFltY/N JLB 1 JDJUW‘ZUJ‘ age au _‘[ V13 {pmwwmiiwwu M m N N y W 3. With the best possible algorithm, a minimum of I 0 page faults will occur. 4. Other than having an automatic system to swap data to/from the disk and the ability to mn program(s) larger than physical memory, what is the other main advantage gained for a secure multiprocessing OS by I ‘P‘ic' having a virtual memory system? More SQCUPM’ Kaila kmwciwmfl mam”, Praiec‘i'wf‘ i‘tujlwgr CPV LA" \ “Jul“ Cn Wiih 'V‘c-V‘i‘lfi'tcl OLLJ r-Qfl Q? “I“ “(I'D Pojf‘cflfim.r\j ...
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