Greek Mythology Notes 2

Greek Mythology Notes 2 - Tiresias before blind prophet...

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02/11/09 Tiresias before blind prophet; both man & woman, settled Zeus and Hera’s argument over sex o Stepped on male snake when boy and turned into woman. Out of curiosity 4 yrs later, stepped on female snake and turned back into male o Woman 9 parts pleasure, man 1. Zeus gifted Tiresias with gift of prophecy and Hera punished him with blindness Gender how sex differences are understood Myths are not gender specific o Largely written by man; male view Presenting women as animals or objects. Sea to explain women’s fickleness. o Women are plague Hesiod All men are stupid don’t recognize the kind of wife they have “Pandora” 1: Evil, drain for men Clay made by craft smith “Pandora” 2: Works and Days o Athena taught skills, Aphrodite grace “all gifts” In jar: evils, hardships in Iron Age o And hope that keeps us enduring Some think she is actually a positive thing Chaos (nor male or female) Gaia (first and most important female) o Can create beings from herself o Later with Ouranos creates Titans Genesis “Adam and Eve” 1 Chapter 1: doesn’t name Adam and Eve o Creates in his own image o Absolutely equal o Humankind at very top “Adam and Eve” 2 Chapter 2: Created before plants; dust and divine breath make male woman comes after and in nature made from rib to make his life complete Secondary in time and nature
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Myths emphasize violence and passion as evils: Medea kills children Maenads – Dionysus’ worshippers, madness, violence Danaids – murder their husbands; treachery and violence (Hermes influence of
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Greek Mythology Notes 2 - Tiresias before blind prophet...

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