Lecture 3 - HIST 1111 Lecture 3 Adella [email protected]..

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HIST 1111 Lecture 3 01/23/06 Adella: [email protected] False…First civilization is SOmerians not Cro Magnon Any form of economic exchange could be used even barter. Chronology is VERY IMPORTANT FOR TEST but DATES are NOT. . Limited names to people mentioned in the lecture. Like Pharaoh. Cuneiform…can be on test. .concentrate on major details…not subtle details. Cuneiform advantage 1. It can be easily recognized universally 2. But it fails to express ideas. .*** Somerians were the first people to invent…Study SOmerians, 3 out of 6 1. Early Domestic Birth of Egyptian civilization. Importance 1.Development of Hierolgylphics writings (they are similar to cuneiform since they used symbol but they are more advanced. There r 3 categories of them …word images and idea makes up the 3 sub classess…it is one step beyond Second big invention is of papyrus …made out of reeds…somerians were writing on stones…with paper you had more creativity ….you could paint pictures on papyrus and its also very PORTABLE…this is the way of spreading egyptian cultures… Second reason : Egypt consisted of present day EGYPT to ethopia .g this period the empire was stretched which was based on the NILE river. MENES did it the pharaoah(not on test). Vizar …is the head of the buearacry…
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Egypt was a large empire…. .so it was controlled by a system of bueracry and priest controlled it. OLD KINGDOM. ..the pyramids were construction…the great pyramids of kia were built…they r imp because 1. After life concept…dead pharaoh with all his needs were buried in pyramids… 2. they are architectural marvels….they are humangoes stones building…being hollow in the inside….the burial chamber is underneath 100000 etc rocks… Egyptians figured out a way of making such great buildings…the size of the pyramids reflected pharaohs power… e.Second Intermediate period Bronze came to Egypt….they were engaged in trade so that help that developed this usefull tool f. NEW KINGDON the new kingdom is the period of the height of the Egyptian empire because of its size… 1) they conquered land up to Palestine…this is the largest the Egyptian civilization
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Lecture 3 - HIST 1111 Lecture 3 Adella [email protected]..

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