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Soc 1 final notes

Soc 1 final notes - o Something people do people have to...

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Imprisonment A. Davis: “Are Prison’s Obsolete” Prison industrial complex Reiman: “The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison” Crimes Bandele: “The Prisoner’s Wife” Film: “A Prison in the fields” Global Inequality Goldsmith: “Development as Corporate Colonialism” Eglitis: “The Uses of Global Poverty” Benefits west, up prosperity No incentive to eliminate poverty Bamako Appeal Ways to up social welfare WSF resulted Eliminate equality and oppression Represents vast majorities of working classes whose input has been ignored. Film: “This is what democracy looks like” WTO protests Seattle The City M. Davis: “Planet of the slums” Neg movement from rural to urban “Housing is a verb”
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Unformatted text preview: o Something people do; people have to solve an equation of stability, affordability, location, etc. o Urban poor hav eto solve numerous problems concerning housing cost, tenure security, quality, journey to work, etc. • “hand me down housing” • Complex edu of cost, security, quality, location, & safety Flim: “Favela Rising” • Grupo Afro Raggae o Offered workshops in dance, drums, etc o Run anti-poverty progs & media projects Nature and Ecological Commons Shiva: “Water Wars”- privatization, pollution, and profit • Running out of fresh water • Commoditization of water: turns publicly shared goods into a private thing that can be bought and sold to the highest bidder...
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