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Soc final notes 2 - from transnational control “Right to...

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Megacity : pop more than 8 mil Hypercity : pop more than 20 mil Slum : overcrowding, informal housing, inaqeuate access to safe water/sanitation, and insecurity of tenure World Charter for the Right to the City: gather commitments and measures that must be assumed by civil society, local and nat govs, so ppl may live w/dignity in our cities. Broadens tradition focus on improvement of quality of life based on housing. Protect
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Unformatted text preview: from transnational control “Right to the city”: all people to have access to equitable amounts of food, clean water, housing, & edu. For all people to express opinion to gov. Paridgm war: dispute over how we perceive distribution of an object. (water wars). Right to water? Environmental racism: policy, practice, directive that differentially affects or disadvantages people based on color...
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