Sociology 1 Review

Sociology 1 Review - o What behavior is expected by society...

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Sociology 1 Review Sociological imagination o C. Wright Mills o Cul De Sac When you don’t have sociological imagination o Linking history with biography o Linking personal troubles with public issues Sociological competence o Using common sense to understand personal life o Ability to form and maintain social relationships o Human resilience o Ability to understand things happening around you Practical vs. Professional Sociological Imagination o Professional Data, theories Sociological competence in “Organizer’s Wife” Sociological competence in Wep Work movie o Human resilience from main character (woman) Power and Resistance o Parenti Interpersonal realationship Power as a systemic force Society as a whole Social role is habitual Definition: predetermined set of responsibilities
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Unformatted text preview: o What behavior is expected by society o Lemert Born into class, race, ethnicity Some people have to work harder than others Talks about race, gender, class o Brecher Social movement • When people ban together to fight or change their similar issues What is resistance? • Collective social action • Movie: “Quiet Rage” o When inmates protest to get out of prison • Most effective ideology…? o Where it is natural and unquestioned • War and Peace o Johnson Believes U.S. is militaristic o Civilian militarism Military values goes unquestioned Habitual and tradition-based Movie: “Iraq in Fragments” and “Winter Soldier”...
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Sociology 1 Review - o What behavior is expected by society...

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