Sociology Final Exam Notes

Sociology Final Exam Notes - *remember authors* *themes*...

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*remember authors* *themes* *reading concepts* *reading questions* Define a term, and give an example Imprisonment Authors: Davis, Reiman, Vindali Davis o Prison is an obsolete institution Too many people in prison that aren’t there for the crimes they committed Less to do with crime, and more to do with poverty o Reiman Crime: Socially created o Labeled by us; we can also change them whenever we want Stereotypical view of what criminals look like People need to take a closer look at what crime is and what it looks like o Vindali Describes her relationship with her husband who is a prisoner She was looked down upon by being the prisoner’s wife Prison industrial complex o Modeled after the military industrial complex o Prison in the fields (the movie) About Delano and how the government wanted to move a second prison into their town Stores were closing Government was going to take the field and use it for a prison Hurt the agricultural industry
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Sociology Final Exam Notes - *remember authors* *themes*...

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