Week 3 Readinq Questions

Week 3 Readinq Questions - upon all persons equally as if...

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Week 3: Power and Resistance  Reading Questions:  Parenti: 1. What does Parenti mean by “power as a systemic force”?  2. What, according to Parenti, is the most effective ideology?  3. What is a social role?  How are social roles produced and enforced?  Lemert: 1. What, according to Lemert, are the three most discussed measures of social difference?  2. What does Lemert mean when he writes:  “Power is not the sort of thing that descends 
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Unformatted text preview: upon all persons equally, as if they were all in the same social boat”? 3. Give one example of how professional sociologists measure the effects of differences created by power? Brecher: 1. According to Brecher, et. al., how do social movements arise? 2. What’s Brecher et. al.’s definition of a social movement? 3. Why can social movements change society? What can they do? 4. What is the Lilliput Strategy?...
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