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Week 4 Key Concepts - priority of the state Qualities of...

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Key Concepts/Ideas:  Empire of bases :  “A vast complex of interests, commitments, and projects woven  together into a political culture paralleling civil society.”   Revolution in foreign affairs : Between 1989 and 2002, there was a revolution in  America’s relations with the rest of the world.  The  US  no longer had a foreign policy, it  had a military empire.  Military : Activities, qualities and institutions required by a nation to fight a war in its  defense.  Militarism : The process by which a nation’s military comes to put their institutional  preservation ahead of national security or even the government of which they’re a part.  Three indicators of militarism : The emergence of profession military class and  glorification of its ideals, the over-representation of military officers or representatives of  arms industry in high government positions, military preparedness becomes the highest 
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Unformatted text preview: priority of the state. Qualities of militarism : self-reproducing; blurs line between war and policing; offensive versus defensive (preemptive and permanent war); consumerist; creates client states. Civilian militarism : When civilians anticipate war more eagerly than military officials and when a society permits military values and goals to go unquestioned and to rule. Problems with militarism : expensive and unaffordable in long run; promotes troubling values, including secrecy; dismantles division of labor between elected officials and military professionals; undemocratic; leads to more war and distrust among nations and peoples; transfers wealth and resources from productive activities, such as education, health, transportation, arts, to destructive ones....
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