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Week 4 Reading Questions

Week 4 Reading Questions - Johnson is particularly critical...

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Week 4: War and Peace Reading Questions:  1. How does Johnson define empire?   2. What kind of empire does he claim is the US? 3. What is Johnson’s main evidence for this claim?  4. Between 1989 and 2002, Johnson argues there was a revolution in foreign affairs.  What happened and why was it important?  5. What are the main features of the US military empire, as Johnson describes it?  6. What is the difference between the military and militarism?  7. Describe two aspects of militarism or military empire that Johnson about which 
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Unformatted text preview: Johnson is particularly critical and concerned. 8. What is civilian militarism? 9. Summarize the main finding of the UNICEF report on Iraq’s Children. Give two pieces of evidence from the report that supports your summary of the main finding. 10. List as many as you can identify of the measures used by UNICEF to evaluate the state of Iraqi children’s well being....
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