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Week 6 Reading Questions

Week 6 Reading Questions - 7 How do Asha and Rashid sustain...

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Week 6: Imprisonment Reading Questions:  1. Why does Angela Y. Davis want us to think about the obsolescence of the prison?  2. What is “a crime by any other name”? Why does Reiman ask, “What’s in a name?” 3. What does Reiman mean by likening the criminal justice system to a “mirror”?  What kind of  mirror does he think it is?  (Please understand the two deceptions on page 66-67).   4. What is Reiman’s main point about the role of human decision-making in the criminal justice  system?  5. What is Reiman’s argument about the greatest harms and dangers society faces? What role  does economic inequality play?  6. Describe some of the ways it seems as if Asha Bandele is inside prison too. 
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Unformatted text preview: 7. How do Asha and Rashid sustain their love in a prison context? 8. What does Asha Bandele learn as the “prisoner’s wife” that she didn’t know before as a politically active college student? 9. For those of you who have family members in prison, what aspects of Bandele’s memoir were most engaging or thought provoking for you? 10. Give one example of what Fraser means when she writes: “the profound truth of a prison town is that its future is sentenced as surely as the inmates.” 11. What, according to Fraser, are some of the “collateral consequences” of becoming a prison town?...
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Week 6 Reading Questions - 7 How do Asha and Rashid sustain...

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