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ResepWEDnesday lastday - Presentation today Reason for...

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Presentation today: Reason for exploring Desire to bypass Muslim world Disruptions in the overland passages Curiosity Intra- European Rivalry - Spain vs Portugal - England vs Japan Aides and Advancements to sailing and navigation Square sails Compass Stern-post rudder Discover of Trade Winds WHY DO WE CARE? Reasons for exploring and aides and advancements Manorialism - a bipartite system - Peasants tied to the land Why feaudalism grew this time period 1200 ad?? IMPORNT ON TEST The mannor were the property given to the lords who then give part of it to serf for farm and the vassals Serfs were essentially tied to the land they were the labor source. .they were just peasant not slaves. They are however have no real freedon they cannot pick up n go whenever they want
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Ppl became serfs for protections. 60 percent ppl living in Europe were serfs. Social Patterns Towns will not be as dominated as they will be in the next 200 years. But tht changes fairly quickly Why would feudalism decline? 1. 2. Of the Black Death. It killed of 1/3 of European population.Of the number of deaths which means a lot of serfs will die. The people who survive will have greater bargaining power to survive . they can go to somewhere else where they give them a better deal Europe in the High Middle Ages In 1150-1300, the economy of Europe begans to grow why does the economy grows? 1. Because of the population is growing. (this section is all pre blak death) 3. People are going to move off there farms as population is growin and they will be started moving into towns. 4. Technoly improvements For making a growth of a town possible, the farmers must grow more crops since you cannot have a farms in the city. As people moved to the cities they were able to grow surplus and farms becomes motre productive. They become more productive because they invent a better plough. They will start using horses instead of
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ResepWEDnesday lastday - Presentation today Reason for...

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